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Weight Loss Update....

So, here we are almost 7 months after giving birth. I am proud to say I am feeling pretty good abut where I am. I am feeling fit. I feel like I am starting to like my own self image again! Woohoo! So, here is my current picture:
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I haven't really been using the Wii, I only really use it anymore to graph my weight. But considering my last post about this, I'm doing well! I started this 30 day challenge; currently I am on Day 23.

I stopped the squats because they were starting to bother my knee and I stopped the plank challenge at Day 20. It just got  way too hard... I will go back and try it again at a later time for sure though. I do run a couple times a week, usually with the nino too. It's a slow, but steady, thing. Well, that's my update.