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Take a note from Elsa.

________ ______ is a horrible person. I can write it here and it is okay because this is my venting site. ___ ______, or KCurtis, however you may know her from her various sites, is my aunt. She is also a liar; about everything. She also is a horrible human being. She is probably the most short-sighted person I have ever met and sees nothing unless it revolves around her. I have to get it down because if I don't, I will simply explode.

My anger, disappointment, and contempt with her began about 5 years ago. In 2009 she started writing on this site called SodaHead. She posted up this story about how her parents were dying quickly and how hard she was taking it. I was living in Arizona at the time and she had posted this on her facebook page. My Papa started his series of small strokes around this time and I became quickly panicked. I called my parents sobbing asking how they could keep this to themselves and not tell me only to have them respond completely confused. There was nothing more than the usual wrong and they were fine. I contacted my aunt and asked how she could write that and lead people to believe that. She responded to me with things like, "when your parents are old you will understand" and "you know nothing", etc. I was "too young to understand" where she was coming from and we were all dying. So began the changing of how I viewed her.

In the next year or so, I began plucking around her posts and saw all the lies she posted. She posted about her various degrees, her giant plots of land where she was living "off-the-grid", (which made me laugh because she was using internet...), how she was first generation Italian, speaks fluently in French, how she's rolling the dough, and other various things. She has an Associates, she lives in a ridiculously large, tricked out camper most of the time and the rest in her home in NC, she is not first generation and only 50% Italian, (she negates to talk about her mother's side), can't speak French, (or Spanish, or any other language), and I don't care about her money unless she does have a lot, in which case she should have come back to Illinois more often when her parents were actually dying. She talked about what a great family unit she had, blah blah blah. Even this wasn't true. She was pregnant as a teen and scarce as a mom. Her parents basically raised her children. Her first husband was scum and years later when she met my Uncle, everyone was relieved. She was a "wild teen" according to my grandmother. Nana said once, "If I told her to go left she went right. She's always been that way". This was the start of my losing respect for her, (the lying). On top of these lies, she's one of those crazy conspirators, right-wing-everyone-needs-to-be-with-me-people. She would post horrible things, racist, or just straight up incorrect nonsense on her sites. I lost more respect for her there; it wasn't just that she posted it, any time someone disagreed with her she would verbally, (written-ly?), attack them. She would attack their beliefs, name-call like a child, or straight up harass them.

So I did what anyone in this time would do. I made an account and followed her postings. It began as intrigue and then I felt like I needed to correct her. I don't know why; you can't fix crazy. After a while, she figured out it was me. I admitted it was. I never lied on anything. I never made up any information or posted horrible things. I just said what I felt. I don't regret it. I don't know if I hoped in her realizing it was me she would stop the lying and the nonsense or what, but it didn't do anything. At that point I didn't use facebook and for a year it was turned off.

3 years ago I moved back from Arizona. 3 years ago I reopened facebook and deleted Kim, and most of my other relatives. She would pop in and never said anything about her lies. I would ignore her ignorant political remarks the whole maybe one day a year I saw her for an hour while she was in visiting. This is where I hold a grudge. I am finding it very difficult to let go of this anger. If Kim really had all that money, why in god's name did she not use it to visit her family? Her father, my Papa, was not doing well. He could no longer talk and half of his body was paralyzed. My Nana aged so quickly. They moved from WI to IL to be closer so my mom didn't have to drive North 2 hours every weekend. I was back from AZ and made a weekly appointment to stop in and see them, sometimes twice a week, sometimes more than that. I would go over and talk, or eat. I'd stay for hours. My Nana was lonely. I loved talking with her. We chatted abut everything; family, money, politics, education, children, past vacations and trips she's been on, her old house, and how much she missed Florida. I would run errands for them, get them dinner, or anything else she needed. I do not claim to be perfect, but she needed us. She needed family. It was so hard on my parents doing it alone and Nana was just so lonely. I know Kim called nightly, but when she would "come in" she'd spend a week in Illinois and see them for only a day. I am angry at that. Nana missed her. I'm sure Papa did too, but he couldn't tell you that. When we'd find something that could really help Papa, she always talked Nana out of it. I feel it was because it was expensive. I feel that money was a motivator and I think that is a shame for someone to do so they can have more after everything is said and done. I didn't care if all the money was gone, as long as Nana and Papa were okay and happy. If it helped Nana get him out of bed easier or stand up to a wheel chair, it was worth it.

So here's where we started in 2010:
From 10/28/2010 (about her posting political things on my wall)

lnzucke: I cannot tell if you're upset or not. I'm not trying to be mean; but your words are not really wisdom, but more of an opinion and I happen to disagree with your views and can remember a time when you have had quite the opposite opinion also. I prefer to not discuss politics with you because we don't see eye to eye here and we are not going to change anything by just arguing. I don't disclose my political opinions unless it just an open, normal conversation and you are... passionate about what you think is right.
I am choosing to respect that by letting it lie. Hopefully there are no hard feelings :0) It was less about politics and more about history homework and my ridiculous students.
Love you (and Uncle Tom) mucho!

Kim: I work hard to help people understand government and politics everyday. I'm not mad, have no hard feelings. You should know that I do run a PAC (Political Action Committee) that is frequented by 3000+ people regularly. I run a Conservative News Website that collects a lot of contributions and generates a large following, and I am the Conservative Pundit for Examiner.com; so politics is what I do. You can have your opinion, just make sure it is yours and not what some liberal educator told you was yours. Hint: you should step back now and really think about what the future holds under both of our opines. I have 5 grandchildren whom I do not want to owe their future to our government control or owing their future earnings to the arm of social retribution. I am a thinker. I am a member of mensa and think about the future much; I hope that my grandchildren have the opportunity to live in a country that rewards personal achievements through capitalism. I'm not here to lecture but I am here to remind the younger crowd that this country was built on personal responsibility and opportunity not social justice. There's an old saying that goes, "Anyone not a liberal until the age of 40 has no heart, and anyone not a conservative after the age of 40 has no brain." You are still young. Just Listen and try to understand that I would die to protect your right to speak and think freely, would you; even if I do not agree, would you do the same?

(She is not a MENSA member, just in case you were wondering)

lnzucke: I'm aware of your blogs, tea party affiliations, and organization associations; one would have to be pretty oblivious to not see everything on your facespace. My whole point was that you have no idea how liberal I am or my stance on anything; from who I chose to vote for, what elections I vote in, pro life/pro choice, gun restrictions, immigration, schools and educations, economy issues, prisons... none of that. I chose not to disclose them on facespace and therefore do not wish to discuss them here.
Frankly and to be quite blunt, I don't care what you believe or your political stances on anything. I care about what I believe and respectfully let you believe whatever you choose. It doesn't matter to me if you are liberal, conservative, gay, straight, or an alien. As long as you're not hurting anyone; it doesn't matter to me. It's your opinion and I am not going to change it even if I held a gun against your head, so the point is moot.

Kim: Time is a funny thing, someday we will remember this conversation and laugh. I hope...

lnzucke: I already am :0) It's ridic, let's just stick with what we're good at and leave it at that

Later that year, after having Thanksgiving together in Arizona and her dog dying, she blocked me and played it off. I asked her if I offended her and she no. Re-added me. That's when I saw all the lies and lost all respect. I de-friended her and was happier.

After Nana passed away, I re-added her to facebook. It was so important to my grandparents that family stay together after they passed and I wanted to respect that. I tucked away all my resentment to her outrageous-ness at the funerals, (we'll leave this aside but it had to do with everything). I tried to move on. Then she posted, for the millionth time, a photo which depicts incorrect stereotyping and I couldn't help it. I engaged. I do not know what I was thinking. I knew no matter what I said would change anything. Remember: you can't fix crazy.

<input ... >
Here's the gist:
Kim shared _____'s photo.
>>> Türk Kadını <<<

  • Crazy 1: What a disgrace.
    July 30 at 6:06pm

  • Crazy 2: Talk about regressing

  • lnzucke: Istanbul is a huge capitol for fashion (!) and that picture is not how every woman looks... just a group wearing traditional hijab.

  • Kim: So I guess it's ok to oppress Some of the women?

  • lnzucke: What if they want to wear that? Some do. My point was not that women in istanbul do wear "american" apparel too. In fashion some even less than that!

  • Kim: In what world would any woman WANT to wear that? Really. Have you ever seen a Turkish woman at an Istanbul Fashion Show? Do you see any Burqas in the audience? http://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=mcafee&type=A111US739...

  • lnzucke: I don't know many Turkish women. Here I don't see many people dressed overly covered: https://www.google.com/search?q=istanbul&client=firefox-a...

  • lnzucke: Also, who would want to look like this? https://www.google.com/search?q=istanbul&client=firefox-a... Just because it's different doesn't make it wrong. I'm not going to get into anything bc I know you like to go back and forth. I was just pointing out that the picture you posted is not really a good picture of all of Istanbul. Different cultures, you know?

  • Kim: lnzucke if you don't understand that garb represents the oppression of women all that money you spent on education was wasted. And yes most of the Turkish women in Istanbul dress in Burqas because if they don't they don't live very long. So maybe you should plan a vacation to see for yourself.

  • lnzucke: Maybe you should try to be a little bit nicer, especially to family, and try to accept that not everyone will agree with you. I speak to you in the same tone in person and I would appreciate if you would too. I've met people who wear burqas here and it was about them, not oppression. I would not assume that I am solely right and neither are you. Just because I have an education does mean I need to agree with you just like it doesn't make you an Istanbul expert. There are people here who are oppressed and are very verbal; especially women who believe in the exact opposite things you do when it comes to body and rights. That's all I have to say on this. Love you

  • Kim: I didn't realize I was not being nice. I thought we were having a discussion, but that doesn't appear to be possible. Love you too

  • A-sort-of relation-to-Kim-via-marriage: Kim, I teach English as a second language and many of our students are from Saudi Arabia. Most of them dress in their burqas because that is how their husbands or fathers want them to dress. If they don't obey, some are beaten. Others come here and they refuse to were it because they came here for freedom. If the girl doesn't were the burqa, they are treated like an outsider and criticized. In Saudi Arabia the women are not allowed to drive. Their husbands tell them it is because you are a princess and we will have someone drive you. The women know that this is not true. They know the men want to control. Some of the more vocal ladies know that they need change, but they are scared of the retaliation. I am not sure of Istanbul, but I can guess it is about the same.

  • lnzucke: Dina, Saudi Arabia is not Turkey. Turkey has very different social issues. They don't recognize a national religion and are rather liberal for being in the area they are in. They identify with eastern Europe more than Middle east apparently. I'm not going to say that women are not abused for dress, bc I'm sure that even happens here, but overall dress is not a social concern. In Saudi Arabia, they are very traditional Islamic, so yes that is a huge concern there. However to compare the two countries would be to compare Cuba and US or Mexico and US; yes they are close but from what I've seen have very different social issues.

    Aunt Kim, by the way, you should look at the link you sent me. There are only 2 pictures of Turkey and in all of the pictures, while they look upset, are actually happy. They are reenacting a religious celebration of death . It would equate to a Day of the Dead celebration, Ashura it's called. It looks sad but is not. Also, I have a friend who was in Turkey in June and she has pictures of her in US clothes, (I'd say "normal" but she's into high fashion and rocks the unique well), and she came back alive after showing arm/leg skin. So while I've not been there, (I would go if I had the money, after a few other places though), I cannot. I also want to let you know the way you've talked to me on Facebook in the past is why I only just re-added you; it's often not a conversation. I deleted you because you wrote a lengthy comment on how I am terrible teacher "infecting and brainwashing" my students because I had asked for Time for Kids on DonorsChoose. You don't need to attack someone's education, family, or anything else because they don't agree with you. I'm sorry if you don't agree with me, you don't have to. I thought it would be nice to stay connected because now that Nana is gone, I can't ask her how you and Uncle Tom are anymore. So it would be nice to not be so personally attacked for simply making a point that a picture you shared may not be an accurate representation.

  • Kim: lnzucke I did not attack you. If you want to stay connected fine but then maybe it's better if you just pass my political posts by since you seem to have a whole different outlook and you don't seem to want to accept that even Conservatives have the right to speak their opinions.

  • Kim's granddaughter: Alright, I'm coming in as a moderator. Both you and Lee have wrong and right ideas, okay? This is Facebook, not a battle ground. Not to mention, you are family. Keep it civil. You both have the right to your ideas. Now either discuss with an open mind or just shut up. Otherwise, I'm removing both of you because I don't like seeing family fighting. Especially on this god forsaken hell hole we call a website. I love you both, but the political fights I've seen this family have are ridiculous.

  • Kim: Love you I'm so with you on that!

She always is nuts. Nothing I had to say had to do with conservatives. I just trying to say the picture was inaccurate, as was the link she sent me of "ailing" Turks. I apologized to my cousin's daughter and she said she was a closet liberal, not that I care. She said sometimes you just need to ignore things because you can't change them. I agreed and thanked her for reminding me of that. But then Kim has to message me bullshit. Why? Does she need the last word? I have no idea. She had it, so i don't know why she needs to pick.

Kim: I can't tell you how many IM I have that start out with What's wrong with Lee? This is not Sodahead. If you really want to stay connected you're going to have to learn the true meaning of the word "tolerant."

lnzucke: Why do you feel the need to lie and attack me personally?

Kim: I never lied and I did not attack you. That's a perception you have alonge

(I just have to add here that I often feel attacked because she calls me thing like "liberal loon", has said I am "stupid", or "just too young to understand". This offends me because I was old enough to care for my grandparents when they became ill, I have had jobs since I was 16, I moved out of my parents home way before them, I haven't borrowed money from my parents since I was 16, and I have a family. Fuck you. Also, if you were wondering what was wrong ask. Chances are you're probably lying about that too. I don't know why you'd think anything since I don't talk to you.)

lnzucke: You have lied about a lot, you portray yourself very differently online and that really bothers me. That's a me issue I guess. I don't blur lines about myself... You have said some horrible things to me. You say you have all theses degrees and just everything and many of it isn't truthful. It just bothers me so much. I know that is just a part of the social media age. I stopped looking at everything and once I deleted you on here I felt relieved. I wasn't mad and I didn't have to see so many stories. I didn't have to read comments about me poisoning minds etc. I still felt connected because I would see Nana and Papa twice a week and she always updated me. It was okay that way. With her gone, I thought maybe you had reeled in the "you" online and I see that I was wrong. I hate that you post things that are mean, incorrect, or just hurtful. I can't stand I just don't understand you and I was hoping maybe I could get past you "online" and you would be the same way you were when I knew you. Growing up you never said things like that. You were kind, you sang Elvis, and I liked you. It seems like the past 5 years you've changed a lot and I don't know how to relate to you. I feel like you attack almost everything say online, even if it has nothing to do with you (thank donorschoose). I had hoped maybe you could just be an aunt like everyone else is on here. Aunt Audrey and Janice are themselves... I am sorry
Kim: I have not lied about anything. You seem to think you know more than anyone else and you know what... you know very little. Stop using my Mother and Father as your excuse. They loved me as I am and in most cases they agreed with my beliefs. Had you been as honest with them as you have been here you'd have found your ideas are not what they would consider ok. I've not lied and I have not attacked you. You need to self reflect.
BTW you are the one who used an anonymous name I was the one who always said who I was.

lnzucke: I was honest about everything but my name on there... Even my name, just not forthcoming about it, you were not. I never said Nana and Papa didn't love you. I never would. I know they loved you and my mother more than anything and Nana's fear was once she died you two would fall out. Family was so important to her which is why I had wanted to be "friends" again. Fat lot that did. Just a lot of what you say are lies. I judge the fact you say all these degrees- you don't. COD doesn't offer anything more than Associates. You se em to have this angst about education and I don't know why. You said you own all this land in NC in the woods and are living off the grid, all that type of nonsense. I don't even remember anymore. I use to take screen caps and just be pissed about it. I deleted most of them when Nana died. I don't even care what you said, it was so fictitious. That's the type of thing that bugs me. I also get bothered about things with my grandparents, but it's not worth even hashing. It's past tense and it won't change anything. You always say I know so little and I think you cut people short. Just so you know, I know your parents views on lots of things, they just were much better about agreeing to disagree and respected my opinion without name-calling and they never treated me poorly because of opinions. I guess we can just go back to ignoring each other; it worked best. I'll pretend you are still the fun, Christmas Eve, Elvis singing aunt and you can think whatever you like about me.
Kim: You are judging me based on things I said to a liberal loon that I did not know. You say it doesn't bother you clearly it does. You say you don't care but you obviously do. you think because you went to visit your Grandparents a few times a week over the course of a year or two that you know more about them than I do.
You don't. There's a lot about them you'll never know. I don't know what you want from me but I do know this. If you can't move on and stop harrassing me for things then it would be better if you just unfriended me here.
Right now though it is you who look like you have a chip on your shoulder.
And I have never been closer to my sister than I am today.

lnzucke: ...and it's point was missed yet again.

So because she can't seem to follow any conversation, here's what I have to say about her:

  1. You are probably the most selfish person I have ever met. You were selfish to your children growing up, to my mother, you were selfish when your parents were sick and again when they died, and everywhere in between. You have a wonderful family depsite all your shortcomings. Your grandchildren, parents, nephews, and my parents are more than you deserve. I want to wish your attitude upon yourself so you can have a taste of the flavor you leave upon others, but that is a harsh treatment.

  2. Your parents loved you. I know. They loved me too bitch. I didn't see your fat ass with them hardly at all. Phones are cheap, they needed you and bailed when it got hard just like you always do. You should be ashamed. Children should care for their parents and you did not. You encouraged helplessness and then bailed. You didn't ever lift a finger and only caused problems along the way.

  3. Your mother did not entirely believe your politics. She brushed them off and had her own views. For 2 years I sat with her with CNN, or another channel with 24 hour news on, talking with her. We didn't agree on things often, but we discussed and she never called me anything bad.

  4. My grandparents are not a crutch. My grandparents were a daily part of my life for the past 3 years. I'm working on not having them in my routine. My grandparents were incredibly important to me and I cared for them; emotionally and physically. Where were you? So excuse me if I don't go along with your cheap talk-show attitude of "You don't know me", let alone your family. I know your family, I am your family. Fuck you with your "lnzucke you think because you went to visit your Grandparents a few times a week over the course of a year or two that you know more about them than I do" I never said anything about who knows more. I just know them. When I remember them, I remember all of them. Even the hard parts. The parts with my Papa yelling and hollering, swatting people. The parts with Nana hardly able to eat. Those are the last memories I have. I remember the good parts too, but can you say the same?

  5. Your mother was terrified of losing you because you were the "wild one" and would have done anything to make sure you stayed in her life. She wanted you to help care for her. She wanted you to be with her after Papa died and said she wanted to go with you to NC so you could have your turn and my parents could have a break. You never did.

  6. You're a liar. You can't have it both ways Kim. You can't lie to the public and be truthful. You can't say you don't bully and then admit to bullying. You also can't harass me, (you sent the message), then ask me to stop harassing you.

  7. Not everything is about politics, not everything is about you. I'm over you. I am not associated with you.

Done. I feel better! I hope you see this Kim.